RailConsult UK Limited

A few key achievements and deliverables

Responsible for design, development and implementation of the LU PPP performance and payment regime including setting contractual ‘benchmarks.

Headed up bid evaluation process and contract negotiations for all performance aspects of the three LU PPP contracts. 

Responsible for design, development and implementation of a database that held all contractual performance information, and calculated contract performance and payment for the contractors.

Responsible for the development and implementation of Fault Attribution systems and processes to support the performance and payment mechanism of the PPP.

Responsible for delivering innovative improvements to executive reporting including an interactive Daily Performance Dashboard for senior management and a single source of truth for all historic performance information.

Contributed to the successful defence of a number of very large PPP performance contract claims brought against LU by private sector Infracos. 

Responsible for the successful development and implementation of the PPP Knowledge Management System (PPP KMS) for LU. 

Successfully introduced the "Balanced Scorecard" approach to management reporting within LU.

Completed bilateral benchmarking study on maintenance cost with the New York Transit Authority (presenting findings to the CoMET Conference in Paris, 1998).