RailConsult UK Limited

Martin Callaghan (Former PPP Director at London Underground Ltd)

"Walter worked for me as a senior member of the PPP Implementation team with lead responsibility for the performance and payments aspects of the PPP contracts for London Underground. During this time Walter proved to be a highly valued member of the team and contributed materially to successfully developing, negotiating and bringing these large contracts to financial close and implementation. He always demonstrated excellent analytical skills and led the delivery of large and complex tasks and activities on time and to a very high standard.

Walter demonstrated an ability to always see the big picture and thereby contributed to the strategic thinking and direction. He also made a huge contribution by leading the scoping, development and implementation of a performance and payment IT system for the PPP contracts that was fundamental to both the bidding process and post going live stages of the contracts. Walter always acted with utmost integrity and professionalism, as well as a large degree of dedication and enthusiasm."

Cynthia Robertson (Past President, The Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships, Canada)

"Walter Roux is recognized as an international expert on issues relating to urban transportation and in particular underground transportation systems. As the former President of The Canadian Council for Public Private Partnerships, I invited Walter to join an expert panel on urban transportation at our annual conference held in Toronto, Canada each November.
Walter's insightful presentation and comments, provided throughout the panel session and discussion, provided critically important context for the challenges in developing transportation infrastructure using private finance. His presentation was expertly delivered and skillfully brought to the discussion issues that many in the North American transportation sector had not considered. He was a spectacular addition to the conference."
Naomi Connell (Chief Finance Officer, VolkerWessels UK)

"Walter has an amazing analytical capability.  He is an extremely impressive and very articulate individual who is totally self-motivated and comes up with solutions to complex issues.  Extremely good with numbers, factual and contractual analysis and people in equal measure – a true pleasure to work with."

Stephen Berrang (NY MTA Director of Capital Program Management)


"Walter Roux is a consummate transport professional with a unique ability to analytically connect the dots. His mastery of data and his ability to translate data into information and a clear message is unparalleled."

Peter Zuk (Former Chief Programme Officer, London Underground Limited)  

"I recommend Walther Roux enthusiastically. In my role as Chief Programmes Officer for London Underground, Walter was an indispensable person to me and entire organization in administering the performance regimes of our PPP contracts and brought similar outstanding professional skills to any of the other business issues we faced together."

Jim Richardson (Former Contract Manager, Tube Lines Ltd)

"I worked with Walter Roux for nine years across the London Underground PPP contractual boundaries. We had many difficult and complex negotiations with a great deal at stake. He was unfailingly courteous, straightforward to deal with and always delivered to the agreed deadlines. Walter was also extremely good at understanding the bigger picture and seeking a conclusion with aligned objectives and positive outcomes for both parties."